everest base camp trek

Many people all over the world dream about reaching Mount Everest – the highest mountain on Earth. It is possible with professional help of a good expedition company.

Everest is located in Himalayas in South Asia and is about 8848 metres high. Since the 20th century people from different countries tried to reach the mountain and it was successful only for part of them. Nowadays, more and more mountaineers dream of climbing Mount Everest and getting the top or at least the foot of it. It is largely possible thanks to ethnic people in Nepal who provide assistance and organise Everest Base Camp Trek. ASIAN TREKKING is one of companies created by such people and at the link https://asian-trekking.com/events/everest-base-camp-trek/ they have description of their offer.


Company contact details:

Company name: Asian Trekking

Company address: Thamel 3022

City: Kathmandu

Zip Code: 44-600

Phone: +977 01 4424249

Website: https://asian-trekking.com

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