100 SHOPPERS - Online campaign analysis

After implementing a promotional campaign, each company must account for its promotional and sales activities. A transparent and accurate assessment allows brands to plan future campaigns and summarize the budget and achievement of goals, so this stage cannot be skipped.

How is online campaign analysis conducted? First of all, it is necessary to designate indicators based on which effectiveness can be assessed. The analysis requires data from website conversions, profits, customer behavior and decisions, as well as the types of sources from which customers learned about the product. All this will be used to ultimately analyze the effectiveness of the campaign. An online tool such as the Where-To-Buy widget will be useful for measurement. This solution was developed by 100shoppers.com and is also used to improve the shopping path.


Company contact details:

Company name: 100 SHOPPERS

Company address: Królowej Jadwigi 43

City: Poznań

Zip Code: 61-871


Website: https://100shoppers.com/

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